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Open Window

Hi, I'm Chantel


I turn your ideas into words

(or if you've got them scribbled out, I'll ensure they're polished and on-point!)

Looking to gain visibility in your niche and engage your audience? 

Look no further. 

You're driven. You're inspired. You're on a mission. You're doing it all...  


The products, services, and information you offer make a difference in people's lives, and you've got more people to reach!


That's where I come in. Let's be real, you can't do it all, and you shouldn't. We both know that your time is much better served refining your products, honing your services, and deepening the knowledge of your craft—not to mention taking some much-needed downtime.


Battling commas and wading through words is my job, and I love it!

Forget writer's block. Forget subject-verb agreement. Forget keyword research. The struggle is over.  

As an SEO-driven blog and copy strategist, I love to connect with readers through storytelling to create empathy and to express your organization's spirit and voice.


Get ready for audience loyalty, leads, and converts! Get ready to serve your community!


"I Need an Editor."
"I Need a Proofreader."

Niche Specific


Your Voice





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No Comma Left Behind

My Story


The one who gleefully scours the thesaurus when writing. The one who TA'ed for her philology professor. The one who (**cringe**) still laughs at comma memes.


In short, I love words; I love how tone and connotation come together to create a narrative voice, and I know grammar.  

My major, English and Intercultural Studies, was a dynamic mix of literature, creative non-fiction writing, communication sciences, advanced grammar, and etymology. When friends started asking me to edit and proofread their essays, I knew I had a calling.

Fast forward a few years, and I found myself living in Chile, where I had the wonderful opportunity to work as an EducationUSA advisor. I taught and developed writing workshops, worked together with Fulbright Scholars, and guided many advisees in developing winning personal statements and research proposals, ultimately helping them gain access to top-tier U.S. universities. I've also proofread scholarly articles for peer-reviewed journals. And, as the coordinator for my branch's office, I created social media content, email campaigns, and newsletters.

Since 2021, I've understudied with a professional content writer, taking on various assignments. I've helped an NYC-based journalist edit and proofread articles for publication in various magazines, and I've ghostwritten articles and blog posts for a health coach and a few online businesses.


I've contributed 40+ SEO-driven blog posts for an ethical online jewelry retailer, working to establish the brand's voice and authority, build audience loyalty, and increase visibility. I've worked as a managing editor for Robust Kitchen, ensuring solid content and authentic voice. I've written the weekly podcast newsletter for the Unleashed and Unstoppable podcast, increasing open rate by 6%.

Grammatical precision and fact-checking aside, I've pursued SEO blog content and copywriting because I love storytelling. And, I love helping organizations make a splash and a difference.

I'll help you connect with your community in the right tone to express your brand or organization's spirit and mission. I research your industry-specific topics and bring relevant and engaging facts to your audience in an enjoyable, easy-to-read format.

Here's to your mission!

- Chantel

P.S. I've used MailChimp, ConvertKit, WIX, Squarespace, VIPHub, Grammarly, GoogleSuite, MS Word, MS Excel, Hootsuite, Buffer, Instagram, Facebook, and ChatGPT. And, I can quickly learn and adapt to any new platform or software!

I've studied blogging and search engine optimization on my own time, including Yaro Starak's Blog Mastermind 2.0., Natalia Copeland's F.A.S.T Academy, and Julia McCoy's Content Hacker Course.



English & Intercultural Studies
University of Central Florida, Southeastern University 

English Literature. Advanced English Language. Creative Writing. Communication Sciences. Pedagogy.

Summa Cum Laude

Writing + Editing Experience

•  Social Media Posts

•  Newsletters

•  Emails

•  Blog Posts

•  Magazine Articles

• Webpages

• Personal Statements

• Resumes

• Research Proposals

• Scholarly Articles

EducationUSA, Santiago Office: newsletters, email campaigns, social media, blog posts; revision of personal statements, resumes, research proposals, and scholarly articles, founded a writing center and delivered weekly writing classes for university applicants. 

Hosteria de la Colina: social media.

Various websites: ghostwriting, SEO-driven blog posts on topics ranging from debt collection to taxes for freelancers. 

Murial Alarcón (professional Spanish-speaking journalist): editing and proofreading for English-language magazine articles. SEO-driven blog posts to highlight accessibly-priced luxury jewelry.


Success Uniquely Yours (neurocoach): ghostwriting, magazine articles on female entrepreneurship, webpage, landing page copy.

Robust Kitchen: managing editor; coordination with writers and oversight of topic clusters, researching key topics for SEO and competitor coverage, proofreading and revision of articles for factualness, content gaps, and brand voice.

Unleashed and Unstoppable Podcast: Weekly newsletter, highlighting weekly podcast episodes, and inviting readers to tune in!

A Little Bit About Me

I live between Florida and Chile. I run a seasonal boutique hotel with my family. I'm fluent in Spanish. I love hiking, design, slow fashion, and nature photography. I also love wellness and nutrition.


Losing my dad right after graduating from university and experiencing burnout inspired me to start a project about wellness and slow living and to pursue certification in Sleep, Stress Management, & Recovery with Precision Nutrition.

Find me here: @thestorygirlo0o IG

The Wall of Funny Memes for Writers - (submissions will be considered)

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Chantel helped me acheive my goal of being accepted to the M.S. in Journalism program at Columbia. And, time and again, she helped me develop and refine my articles while working as a journalist.
She's a professional and a joy to work with!


I was asked to write an article on using mindset and neuroplasticity (my field) for a prominant magazine for female entrepreneuers, but with my schedule, finding the time was difficult. Chantel was able to take my key points combined with my voice to create a stellar article, so stellar that they asked me to write another one.


As full-time content writer, my calendar was full. I hired Chantel as a ghostwriter to reduce my workload, and she was easily able to create continuity with my clients. 
I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.
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